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Below are some of the ceremonies I can do for you. 

Marriage Ceremonies

Mary is a registered Solemniser and can therefore, perform a Civil Wedding Ceremony on your wedding day.

A non-religious Civil (or legal) wedding ceremony can only be performed by an appointed Solemniser or Registrar. In order to comply with the rules of having a Civil wedding in Ireland, the ceremony must take place either on one of the Civil Registration Offices across the country or at a licenced wedding venue. 


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Hand Fasting

Hand-fasting is an old Celtic unity ritual in which a couple stand face to face as their hands are tied together - hence the phrase, tying the knot!. As your hands are bound, you can recite words that express your commitment to one another.

Hand-fasting ceremonies date back over 2000 years. An ancient Celtic tradition, it was originally used to symbolise a betrothal, during which a druid priest would declare that the couple would be bound together. This engagement would last a year, as a sort of 'trial marriage', after which you'd decide to opt in or opt out! In later times, it was used in a marriage ceremony, in lieu of the presence of a priest.

Unity Candle Ceremony

™There are 3 candles on the celebration Table.

The two outer candles are lit at the start of the ceremony either by the couple or often mothers or both parents.


Towards the end of the ceremony the couple light the central candle from the two outer candles.

This signifies  their new life together.

Flames are said to symbolise love and passion, and so in the context of a marriage they show the adoration that the couple has for one another.

Lighting candles and joining them together is the physical representation of their enduring commitment, and the blending of their two families.


Sand Ceremony

™The Sand Ceremony is when 2 different coloured sands are in separate containers and are then poured by the couple into a central container mixing the sands.

™Showing the 2 different lives mixed as one.

Marriage &
Baby Naming

Baby Naming is an event where family and friends celebrate the baby’s birth and welcome him or her into the world. It’s an opportunity to announce your child’s name (and its significance, if you want) while surrounded by loved ones. Godparents may be part of the ceremony too.

Naming ceremonies have no legal or religious components to them, which means that you can make them pretty much whatever you want them to be. You can have a naming ceremony in your own home, outside in a garden or park, at a hotel, in a community centre—wherever you want. You can decorate with balloons or keep things simple. 

Baby naming ceremonies can (but don’t have to) include promises, readings, music or rituals like candle lighting, tree planting or hand and foot printing. Then after the ceremony, everyone can hang out and get to know the newest member of your family.

Naming ceremonies are meant to celebrate the new baby—but exactly how you do that is up to you. 


Many couples like to combine a Baby Naming with their Marriage ceremony. All is possible!         

Image by Katherine Hanlon

Vow Renewals & 

Perhaps you would like to celebrate the all important relationship in your life. I would be happy to guide you through the beautiful options for crafting such a ceremony.

For those who may have recently married and your loved ones couldn’t be there, we can create a Blessing so all your loved ones can be included.

Celebrate and honour the one you love in your style.

Wine Box

The Couple write each other a letter with their thoughts of each other and open them on an anniversary and share the wine.  All you need is:


  • a bottle of wine

  • a suitable box (your wine seller might be able to suggest one, or you can buy bespoke, engraved versions on Etsy)

  • a hammer and nails or key, if required to seal the box (some will have a simple clasp or sliding cover)

  • love letters or a copy of your vows, if including these

A Love Letter and Wine Box ceremony will serve as a lasting reminder of the commitments made to one another.

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Wine Deliveries
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